I have all sizes of SuppleNipps. My favourite are 5XL, 4XL and 3XL. In this coaching video I use size 4XL. Bigger SuppleNipps makes the nipples more massive and cone shaped. The smaller the size and opening diameter of the nipple sucker the pointier the nipples will become when you take them off. I alternate nipple sucker with different diameter.

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  1. dickstuffer

    January 20, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    Like ur vids and ur nips and ur nip toys. Been heavily into nip play for years so that now my nips are bigger than most men’s. The proper nipple play can make me cum without my cock being touched. Love it! Love toys for nips, balls and cock.

    Where do you get the supple nips cups. Have seen them in cams but don’t know where to get them. Can you advise? Thanks and keep posting.

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