Datedick Version History

v 2.2 – 170423

Old Datedick on Ning has been deleted. The switch to New Datedick is complete. Change is good. Right now there are 671 new members, 1333 G-Rated, 255 Featured and 993 X-Rated member photos online. The growth rate and engagement is pretty amazing.

You can set Privacy for photos via the Edit dialog. Options are: Private (only you), Friends, Logged in Users, Public (default). Only photos set to Public can be featured.
Paragraph text size increase from 13 to 15px for better readability.
New profile field INVITED BY (not mandatory)
Link to Old Datedick removed
Wording on splash page optimized.
Private club
logo added to spash page and intro.
Datedick Instagram
name changed to
Datedick Tips category under Help menu with animated tutorial gifs.
Whats’s New History restructured in separate posts.
Photos sub-menu restructured and wording simplified.
Men sub-menu wording simplified.
Groups reduced and simplified.
Forums reduced simplified.
The following groups are now private: Dirty & Kinky, Watersports, Dildo Fist & Nipples.
Photo previews in profile header removed because of privacy issue. Photos that users would upload to private groups would show up in profile header and be visible for all Datedick members. Photos uploaded to private groups should only be visible to private group members.
Weight options added up to 160kg

v 2.1.03 – 170410

New options for “MARITAL STATUS” field. Triad, Polyamory.
New filters on members page. Search for “STATE” and “MARITIAL STATUS”. More useful than “FROM”, “TO” age filters which have been removed.
Ads more interesting a useful.
Member and photo statistics optimized.
Web Photos Featured added to Photos menu.
Field WEBSITE 2 added (optional).
Field WEBSITE 3 added (optional).
Field LAST WORDS added (optional).
Photos sub menus reorganized.
Datedicklive under Photos shows “Current Datedicklive Update”.
Profile Avatar progressive resizing optimized for mobile devices.
Photo sort option Most Viewed removed.

v 2.1.02 – 170405

Updated Datedick logo.
Share your favorite URL in the new profile field WEBSITE (optiponal).
Optimized user experience with bigger photos on mobile devices.
Sort buttons above photos reduced to avoid overlapping in progressive views.
Close button “X” in light box optimized.
Photo overlay buttons “Edit“, “Delete” resized.
Member page optimized for longer names.

v 2.1.01 – 170401

You can watch selected X-Rated member photos now.
Download photos just with a click.
View photos in bigger original size.
What’s New History added.
Follow the Action on Datedick. See everything or just specific events. Filter action from your friends or from all members, groups or your favorites. Comment and publish updates with attached photo.

v 2.1 – 170313

The New Datedick 2.1 update is ready. We added many suggestions from friendly and helpful users. Speed is up to 50% faster.

New STATE profile field added. Especially for US members. Not mandatory.
New option “Grandpa” added in profile fields “I AM”, “LOOKING FOR” AND “I ALSO LIKE”.
Statistics on “What’s new” page.
Photo statistics added on “What’s new” page.
Bread crumbs removed to simplify navigation.
Clicking the Datedick logo goes to “What’s new” page.
Set photo as profile photo added.
Default photo album “Other” added
Member overview array added on “What’s new page” (Newest, Active, Popular)
Sub-Menu item “All members – Reset search” in “Men” menu renamed to “All members – Reset filter” and changed to first position.
Forum directory page added
Menu item “Groups” changed to “Community” with sub-menus “Groups” and “Forums”
Site caching added to improve speed.
Various unnecessary Plug-ins deactivated to improve speed.
Switched to PHP 7 for better speed (up to 50% faster).
Link to Version History added.
Help and FAQ pages updated.
Link to Terms of Services added (under “Help” Menu).
Menu item “All blog posts” added to “Blog” Menu
Bigger photos in light box on larger monitors (not retroactive – only for all newly uploaded photos). Width increased from 960 to 1200 pixel. Smaller images will not be resized.
Profile photo made mandatory. New members have to upload a profile photo before they can use the site. Inactive members will be visible displaying the default Datedick grey man avatar.
All profiles without profile photo have been removed. Users who upload inappropriate profile photos will have their photo removed. This forces such users to upload a profile photo again. If the profile photo is inappropriate a second time, the profile will be deleted.

v 2.0.18 – 170304

Video Group and Video menu item added.
Menu items reordered. Similar to Old Datedick. Upload | New | Men | Photos | Videos | Groups | Blog | Help.
Likes function fixed and reactivated. Plug-in was crashing.
Mailing to all Old Datedick members about New Datedick.

v 2.0.17 – 170303

Text on New page optimized.
Datedick FAQ page created (for Old and New Datedick).
Sub-menus for Help. First Steps | Datedick FAQ | Datedick Feedback | Go to Old Datedick | Contact
Quick-Search menu items under Men menu item. Search Top Men | Search Huge nipples | Search XL cock | Search Uncut men | Search Huge balls | All Members – Reset Search
New Quick-Search items. NIPPLES | COCK | FORESKIN | BALLS
On-page SEO optimization for public pages.
Google Analytics installed.
Allow Google Crawlers

v 2.0.16 – 170226

Group list layout optimized.
Group list subtitle “Public” instead of “Public Group” with Loco Translate.
Home page hero graphic blurred. Welcome page slider graphics blurred.

v 2.0.15 – 170225

Sort options above photo array reactivated.
Missing Upload button fixed.
Several field options added.
Some member field values corrected and optimized.
Home page section “Reasons to join New Datedick” added.
Footer optimized.

v 2.0.14 – 170223

URL goes to New Datedick now.
Link and access to Old Datedick ( will be coming later again.
Photos shows all G-Rated Member Photos.
Advanced Search removed. This will be a premium feature. Quick Search at Men Page still works.
Groups removed. This will be a premium feature.
Activity removed. This will be a premium feature.

v 2.0.13 – 170221

Correct headline font (Open Sans) in Help : First Steps.
Blog categories and posts visible to public.
with sidebar
Sidebar optimized
Progressive Menu fixed.
Info text in Progressive Menu changed. Before “Please select your page”. Now “Select a menu item”
Home Page bigger buttons optimized for responsive layout.
Sort options removed above photo array.
Footer and sidebar optimized.

v 2.0.12 – 170220

Web Photo subcategories reorganized. This is a premium feature.
All Recent | Nipples | Cock | Bulge | Ass | Suck | Fuck | Rimm | Pump | Wet | Morph | Draw
Upload Albums reorganized. X-Rated deleted. Ass and Cock added. Body renamed to Total.
Some member photos moved to the correct album.
All Groups made public and visible again. Groups will be a premium feature.
Quicksearch on Men page now works without button. Just choose a selector. Search happens instantaneously.
Breadcrum and Quick profile navigation activated.

v 2.0.11 – 170219

Photos subcategories reorganized.
Number of displayed photos per page limited to 15. You can click on Load More to display 15 more.
Log in button (top right) problem fixed.
Help page optimized. Headlines at top are clickable and jump to the respective Help item. Back To Top Buttons added.

v 2.0.10 – 170217

Main Menu bar restructured.
Sub categories of Photo pages restructured.
Welcome graphic added.
Amount of groups reduced for launch.
What’s New page optimized.

v 2.0.09 – 170215

New Photo categories “X-Rated“, “Pumping“. This is a premium feature.
Welcome screen optimized.
Text field on Register page simplified and optimized. No text formating. Grey frame.
15 member avatars displayed – not 12.
Footer section optimized.

v 2.0.08 – 170213

New field with checkbox options added: “I ALSO LIKE.”
section optimized.
Help page updated.
Various styling optimizations.
What’s New page updated.
Datedicklive group created.

v 2.0.07 – 170212

What’s New page and New menu item created.
Log in problems fixed (there is still one issue we have to fix).
Version History page created.
Help page updated.
Text field renamed to Profile Text.
Monster Cocks group created.

v 2.0.06 – 170211

First version of New Datedick is ready for beta testing.
First round of beta testers invited personally.
Old Datedick
on Ning will be available till April 20th.



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