Ball Pumpers pumptoys are very special but effective. I like them because you always pump your cock with your cock and get a bigger complete package. Here are three of the best ball pumpers pumptoys that you can buy to get great results. Here you can buy other pumptoys for cock, balls and nipples to get large cock and balls and nips.

2-Stage Ball Pumpers Pump Cylinder

Ball Pumpers Pumptoys 2 Stage Cylinder


My favorite cock and balls cylinder is a so called “2-Stage Cylinder”. I was pumping cock and balls in various straight cylinders for many years. Mainly because they are less expensive. But I don’t use them anymore since I switched to 2-Stage-Cylinders. This is just so much better. Your cock and balls have more space while you pump. You have more space for expansion and you can pump cock and balls with hot water. This is the secret to expand in much faster time. They are a bit expensive but they will last a lifetime. Even when you drop them and they break you usually can fix them with superglue.



Monstertube Balls Pumpers Cylinder

Ball Pumpers Pumptoys Monstertube Cylinder

Monstertube cylinders are great cock and balls cylinder too. They come in 2 sizes. The big one might be too big for most pumpers. The benefit of the monstertube is that you can open and fold it. So it might be easier to travel with. The effect on the enlargement might be the same compared to a 2-stage cylinder. I would always recommend a 2-Stage or a Monstertube cylinder over a straight cylinder if you want to enlarge cock AND balls. The most econonic are 2-stage cylinders which come in more sizes.



Bullmaster Balls Pumpers Pump Toys

Ball Pumpers Pumptoys Cylinder


The third cock and balls cylinder alternative is the Bullmaster cylinder. A bit pricy and supposedly it will shape your package a bit better.
With bullmaster cylinders it is VERY important to get the right (maybe even smaller) size. Otherwise the effect just doesn’t work because the dents are way off and you don’t fill them. The trick is to pump and shape your cock and balls with the bulllmaster cylinder. I still would recomment a 2-Stage Pumping Cylinder for beginners with cock and balls pumping because it is easier to pump with hot water than with the bullmaster.



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